Saturday, December 01, 2007

Proof that Comcast still Throttles BitTorrent Traffic

Recently there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Comcast and the technique used by it to throttle BitTorrent traffic. Today I was just playing around with my ethereal on my home network. I had my bit torrent client running as usual.

I observed the following packets in ethereal

There were suspicious RST packets coming from So I did a who is by ip for the IP address using .

The IP address belongs to Comcast and that this fabricated packet is being sent to the bittorrent client in an effort to affect speeds. So its clear that Comcast is still trying to throttle bittorrent traffic.

Early this month there was a news that a California man had filed suit in state court against Internet service provider Comcast, arguing that the company's secret use of technology to limit peer-to-peer applications such as BitTorrent violates federal computer fraud laws, their user contracts and anti-fraudulent advertising statutes.

I think more law suits will follow soon and comcast will be forced to abandon such tactics.

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